Thailand Trip Part 2 Phi Phi Islands & Phang Nga

On Tuesday we set off for the famous Phi Phi Islands (where the movie The Beach was filmed).

We had a short pit stop in Malay Bay.  It was beautiful but super crowded!  No place to sit or lay out.

We had lot of time on the boat.  Not good for a person who gets motion sickness.  But I took medicine and brought lots of mints, gum, and ginger candy.

We did a little snorkeling off the boat.

The waters were such a beautiful but color!

We ended the trip on Bamboo Beach.

On Wednesday Adam wasn't feeling well.  It was our anniversary.  Bummer.  But I decided to go on the Stampin' Up! outing and let him rest in our room.  It was another boat trip!  This time I decided to sit up front so I could watch the horizon.

We started with a kayak trip through some cool places close to some of the islands.

It was raining a little bit so I put on a lovely purple poncho.

We went through some cool caves.

Then we went to a Muslim village built into the side of an island on stilts.

There was a restaurant at the front and then we walked through the town to the school.

There is a cool story about this cement soccer field.  Some boys at the school wanted to play soccer and originally built a field out of wood slats.  They practiced hard and went to the semi-finals and almost won.  This led to a sponsor that made them a cement soccer field.

Next we were whisked away to another island and enjoyed a buffet lunch under an awning of trees.

We had a little bit of beach time.  I wonder if I can photoshop Adam into this photo.

We ended the evening by bringing some friends back to Pooh & Friends for another great dinner!

My new obsession is Mango sticky rice.  SO yummy!!

Here we all are with the owner.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

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