Thailand Trip Part 2 Phi Phi Islands & Phang Nga

On Tuesday we set off for the famous Phi Phi Islands (where the movie The Beach was filmed).

We had a short pit stop in Malay Bay.  It was beautiful but super crowded!  No place to sit or lay out.

We had lot of time on the boat.  Not good for a person who gets motion sickness.  But I took medicine and brought lots of mints, gum, and ginger candy.

We did a little snorkeling off the boat.

The waters were such a beautiful but color!

We ended the trip on Bamboo Beach.

On Wednesday Adam wasn't feeling well.  It was our anniversary.  Bummer.  But I decided to go on the Stampin' Up! outing and let him rest in our room.  It was another boat trip!  This time I decided to sit up front so I could watch the horizon.

We started with a kayak trip through some cool places close to some of the islands.

It was raining a little bit so I put on a lovely purple poncho.

We went through some cool caves.

Then we went to a Muslim village built into the side of an island on stilts.

There was a restaurant at the front and then we walked through the town to the school.

There is a cool story about this cement soccer field.  Some boys at the school wanted to play soccer and originally built a field out of wood slats.  They practiced hard and went to the semi-finals and almost won.  This led to a sponsor that made them a cement soccer field.

Next we were whisked away to another island and enjoyed a buffet lunch under an awning of trees.

We had a little bit of beach time.  I wonder if I can photoshop Adam into this photo.

We ended the evening by bringing some friends back to Pooh & Friends for another great dinner!

My new obsession is Mango sticky rice.  SO yummy!!

Here we all are with the owner.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Thailand Trip Part 1

Whew!  What a great Incentive trip to Thailand!  Thanks you again to all my customers and downline  for helping me to achieve this trip!  Adam and I splurged and treated ourselves to business class to celebrate our anniversary.

 We arrived around midnight and went to bed around 2:30pm.  So the next day we went exploring the resort.  The room we were in was wonderful!  It had a large couch area and a step down shower!

The resort was beautiful with a lot of different areas and rooms!

We checked out the shops and were curious when we saw this sign.

Paper products made from elephant poo!  I wonder if Stampin' Up! will start sourcing paper from this company....

The beach area was beautiful, but red flags were out indicating strong rip tides.  No swimming was allowed so we just walked along the beach.

On Sunday, we went to church and came back to find this fun sign on our door!

In the evening, we got this amazing fruit basket with fruits I had never seen before.  I learned that the hairy fruits are called Rambutan.  The insides are a clear fruit with a big pit and they reminded me of Lychees.  The hard, brown, round fruits with the crown are called mangosteen.  They are amazing!  They are sweet like tangerines and bananas. 

In the afternoon we enjoyed some pool time!  The pool had the longest lazy river I've ever seen with several different pool areas including a "beach" and small water polo nets and a volleyball net.

We ended the day at a super duper yummy local restaurant called Pooh & Friends!  It was some of the best Thai food I've ever had!  My friend Anne found out about it on Trip Advisor!  She bought her two daughters on the trip.

The next morning, we lined up to get ready to go to the General session!

At the General Session, they revealed that the 2019 trip will be a cruise to the Greek Isles!  So Exciting!  And even better was that they showed us the Holiday Catalog, gave us the holiday catalog and some of the products from the holiday catalog!!

In the afternoon, we set off on a shopping excursion to Patong Beach.  A 30 minute bus ride took 2 hours due to an accident on the way.  But once we made it there we did some shopping and then walked down to Patong beach.  The walk to Patong beach was a bit crazy.  Think XXX Las Vegas.

But we made it down the the beach and got our feet wet.

Then we enjoyed another Thai dinner at a local restaurant there and almost missed the last bus back to the resort!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator