Thailand Trip Part 3 Flying Hunaman Ziplines & Last Day Adventures

On Thursday I tried a zip line adventure for the first time.  I was nervous because I am scared of heights, but I trusted my equipment and the guides and ended up having an awesome time.  It was so amazing to fly through the beautiful jungle!  

First we got all of our gear on in including this lovely hat!

The amazing view!

I held on with both hands for the first couple of rides and then as I felt more comfortable I let go.  On the longest run, the guide asked me if I wanted to fly like Superman and I said, "Sure!"  It was amazing!!!  It felt like flying.  I wished that Adam wasn't sick so he could experience it.  He would have loved it!

Here is my superman flight:

This is my "Whew, I made it!" look.

This is our group!

These were our guides.  They sure had a lot of fun and so did we!

In the afternoon, I attended a share fair where I saw what 6 demonstrators had created with some of the Holiday Catalog products.

We got pillow gifts every night.  The first night was a waterproof case for phones.  The rest of the night were products from the Holiday Catalog.

On Friday we visited a variety of areas.  The first was a traditional Thai farm.  We saw beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetable trees, animals, and a traditional thai house.

We watched this monkey climb a tree and pick coconuts.  The monkeys go to school for 3-4 months to be trained to pick the ripe coconuts.  

Water buffalo!

We took a ride curtesy of the water buffalo.  I sang "Here comes the Ox cart, oh how slow...."

In the evening we were treated to an amazing Thai buffet at the famous Blue Elephant.  Lots of beautiful traditional Thai costumes, food, dances, and of course merchandise to purchase!

They gave us this beautiful and fragrant flower bracelet as we entered.  

 The decorations and flower arrangements were amazing.   I love flowers!

I loaded up on all the yummy Thai food.

They set up a huge tent to accommodate all of us.

As we left, they gave us this elephant necklace as a gift.

Our last pillow gift was this amazing porcelain cup!

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


Thailand Trip Part 2 Phi Phi Islands & Phang Nga

On Tuesday we set off for the famous Phi Phi Islands (where the movie The Beach was filmed).

We had a short pit stop in Malay Bay.  It was beautiful but super crowded!  No place to sit or lay out.

We had lot of time on the boat.  Not good for a person who gets motion sickness.  But I took medicine and brought lots of mints, gum, and ginger candy.

We did a little snorkeling off the boat.

The waters were such a beautiful but color!

We ended the trip on Bamboo Beach.

On Wednesday Adam wasn't feeling well.  It was our anniversary.  Bummer.  But I decided to go on the Stampin' Up! outing and let him rest in our room.  It was another boat trip!  This time I decided to sit up front so I could watch the horizon.

We started with a kayak trip through some cool places close to some of the islands.

It was raining a little bit so I put on a lovely purple poncho.

We went through some cool caves.

Then we went to a Muslim village built into the side of an island on stilts.

There was a restaurant at the front and then we walked through the town to the school.

There is a cool story about this cement soccer field.  Some boys at the school wanted to play soccer and originally built a field out of wood slats.  They practiced hard and went to the semi-finals and almost won.  This led to a sponsor that made them a cement soccer field.

Next we were whisked away to another island and enjoyed a buffet lunch under an awning of trees.

We had a little bit of beach time.  I wonder if I can photoshop Adam into this photo.

We ended the evening by bringing some friends back to Pooh & Friends for another great dinner!

My new obsession is Mango sticky rice.  SO yummy!!

Here we all are with the owner.

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator