My Stamping Area

I somewhat organized my stamping area and so I thought I would take some pictures before it got disorganized again.  Above is my stamping desk and shelves, all from IKEA.  I used IKEA's wood dvd holders to hold my ink pads,  IKEA's pot holder racks for my punches, and IKEA baskets for other stamping items.  I have two files cabinets under my desk, one for paper and the other for forms, magazines, and ideas.  To the right of my desk is my cutting area where I have my paper cutter and more baskets holding envelopes, chipboard, reinkers, and paper scraps.

And this is my craft closet.  I got these great bookshelves at IKEA and the height extensions since we have high ceilings in the room.  I have all my stamps, samples, catalogs, paper, and other craft items stored in my closet.

I used to have a little desk in the closet that I would stamp on.  It started to get a little bit too crowded in there so I had to come out of the closet so I could store more stuff in there.  :)

So now I have my play area, and my kids have the other half of the room as their play area.  No pictures of that area since it's hardly ever organized, but it's all from IKEA too (bookshelves, desk, chairs...).

Thanks for checking out my stamp area!

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Ali said...

Hi Elaine,
I just found your blog and I must tell you that I love your projects. Your cards are beautiful and your 3D items look like fun! I was reading this post and I just had to giggle because my stamping area was just recently relocated into my boys play room and it is the same as you say your boy's side of the room is..never organized:)
Have a great day!