The catalogs are here!

As soon as I heard the rumble of the UPS truck I ran to the front door and there on the bench were my two boxes of Stampin' Up!s NEW Fall/Winter Idea Book & Catalog. I quickly grabbed them and brought them into the house and set them on the kitchen counter.

"Mommy, is that my birthday present?" asked my just-turned 6-year old who already had a mound of birthday presents on the kitchen table.

"No, this is Mommy's birthday present!" I answered gleefully, already ripping the boxes open with my bare hands (ok there were scissors involved).

From my 6-year old's puzzled expression, I could tell his little brain was processing what month is really was since my real birthday is not 'till November.

"Oh" he said and wondered away to play.

I ran back to the computer, typed a short email to let everyone know, "They're here!!"

So if you'd like a copy, just call or email me and let me know when you'd like to come pick one up! Have a great day!!

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